Sunday, 24 June 2012

We Have To Be Friend With The Nature / RESPONSIBLE TOURISM

One of the ways of protection of the nature is to get rid of poverty. Because poverty pressures on nature and produces the enemy of the nature.

For this reason, it is very important that Responsible tourism should develop. Because The aim of the responsible tourism is to fight with poverty  by giving importance to ecology.

The Project of  Pure life Village    ( ) is a Project of an ecological village tourism founded  to serve this aim.

The features of responsible tourism complex:

 It is generally founded in  a country side.

It presents the food product  produced  in the country side which it  was founded   to its guests.

By this way, it  supports the poor people in the country side financially.

It employs the people in the country side which it was founded,

It protects the natural and cultural values of the area.

It protects the nature and makes the people in the area and the guests remember the importance of nature.

It is respectful to the values of the local people living in its area.

Who joins the activities of responsible tourism?

Everybody who loves nature and wants to  support the poor people by buying food products from them directly and indirectly can join Responsible tourism activities.

The Responsible tourism in Turkey:

 The responsible tourism in Turkey has begun to improve in the last few years. But it should improve much more than now.

We support the activities of Responsible tourism as Liberty Hotels Lara. We directly buy our food product from the poor people living in the countryside (vegetables,fruit…..etc.)

We contribute  the  development of Responsible tourism activities by giving priority the employment of poor people living in the country side and by supporting them financially.

In addition, As management, We contribute  the development of  the Project of Pure life village ecological village Tourism which will be a sample to the region.( )

As consequence, we have to fight with the poverty to protect our nature.

 Wish you that the best friend of you can be nature 

This is really one of best slogans  “ Travel Like a Local”

Liberty Hotels Lara

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