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In most Places, the temperature is in the mid 30s. Those who are in the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions are throwing themselves into the sea and pools. However we need to lend an ear to the professionals at this time of year.

“Especially at this time of year, chemical and physical checks are not always made, sometimes neglected and also not taken seriously. These mistakes are serious hazards to health” say the professionals.

In order to get rid of the Mid-summer heat, most jump in the sea and pools to cool down, as it is a dream for us to keep cool during the day, even if it is for a short time. People must be aware of the dangers and diseases that the water has in that you can catch if the appropriate checks are not carried out

Fungal infections of the genitals, bacterial vaginitis, molloscum cantagiosum, legionella pnemophila and trikomanas infections are always visible. Pools that are not properly looked after and treated have the chances of Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, dysentery, typhoid fever and Para typhoid fever being in the pools waiting for the unlucky one to catch.

How can we guard ourselves from these risks? What should pool users be aware of?

Before you enter the pool, you should rinse your feet in antiseptic water, and always have a shower. If you don’t do this, you will infect the pool with millions of micro organisms. Shorts that have been made out of nylon should not be used in the pools, you shouldn’t sit down with wet shorts and you should dry them off straight away. You should always check on the poolsigns around the pool when and whether or not the pool is regularly moderated, and there is any issues with this, a supervisor or official should be informed straight away. Children should not be allowed to foul or spit in the pools. Parents should make sure that they don’t swallow the water. Babies and toddlers should not enter the pool with nappies, nor should their nappies be changed around the pool. Those with earaches should block there ears up.

What you need to watch out for when going to a hotel on holiday as a tourist.

Before you pay for your holiday at where you are staying whether it is a holiday village, a hotel or any other type of complex, you should make sure with your travel agents that this complex is up to date with Health and safety standards and has all necessary certificates in the right places, which have been awarded by official personnel on the health & safety boards. If you are booking your hotel online, you can get in contact with the executive personnel of the hotel who will be glad to give you the correct information, if they have it. They can easily email you the correct documents when requested.

The official documents look similar to those below;

Wish you  have enjoyable times on your holiday...

P.S : We always suggest you to use the sea on your holidays.Because many many chemicals are used for pools to make them clean.But nature one is always good.
Sun - Sea - Sand :))

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