Sunday, 4 September 2011

One Of The Most Important Element in any Hotel: " Cleanliness".

Ones wish is always to stay in a clean and hygienic room when on holiday.
The first thing one does after finishing all the necessary registration forms at reception would be to go straight to ones room to unpack their bags and freshen up. If ones wishes are not met and ends up in a room that is not cleaned then this would end up being a very bad start to the holiday and things could even get worse as all their expectations would of been shattered. This is where the roles of a housekeeper come in to place.

Housekeepers should clean and keep clean the rooms and complex area as if they were the Guest staying at the hotel. The procedure of this is quite easy to understand. A maid should go out of their way when doing their role, ie somebody who makes a bed up from the heart could quite possibly make decorations on the bed,  such as flower petals or even animals made out of towels, and make small gestures to their guests. When this is present, then you know that the person who is cleaning your room loves their job and cleans it dearly and leaves it how they would like to see it.

A maid’s job role:
  • Cleans and organises rooms allocated to them
  • Makes sure to make the bed up and change the sheets, clean the bathroom and around the washbasin, dust down all the furniture.
  • To inform their supervisors of any faults in the area that they are in immediately for them to be repaired as quickly as possibly.
  • To hand in any lost property found to their supervisor.
  • To be able to use any equipment that they must use.
  • To make sure to clean the equipment after use according to the manual, and to inform their supervisor of any faults that need repairing.
  • To make up a report for their supervisor of what tasks have been completed during the day
  • When possible, to take care of children and to be courteous at all times.

A Maid’s personal requirements:
  • To be clean and tidy: pay attention to the uniform and personal hygiene of staff. There is a link to between those who are clean and tidy and the work that this person does. Those are clean and tidy usually do their work to the highest Standard.
  • Trustworthy
  • Healthy with a decent physique
  • Loves the job they do, is able to do the job that they do, with good manners and know how to speak to one another including guests, and able to create good with relations with everyone
  • To be responsible (towards work, guests and work colleagues).

P.S : Our suggestion to maids working in other hotels ; "When changing the sheets & quilts of the beds , it is advised NOT to tuck the sheets in too much , as the guests may have difficulty when getting into bed..

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