Sunday, 18 September 2011

An Explanation Into Why Problems with Air Conditioning Units in Hotels Occur During Seasonal Changes

As we all know, tourists, especially those who live in countries that have mostly wet and cold seasons have holidays in hot regions. The Mediterranean is prime example of this. However, in the spring season the hotels in area, bar a few which are small 3stars/boutique hotels that have split air-con in the rooms, guests find that there are a few problems with the air-conditioning, in the big 5stars hotels. This is down to the fact that big hotels use a central air conditioning system. Due to the structure of these buildings, it is almost impossible to use split air-con, so therefore enormous cooling towers are used.

You can see this in the example below;

These systems are placed outside of the hotel buildings and are passed through separate pipes (hot water pipe & cold water pipe) throughout the hotel

The problem mentioned above arises at this point exactly. The problem with Central Air conditioning units is that they cannot be altered to any temperature when required like split air-con units. The units are altered by technical staff to the needs of the hotel whether hot or cold air is required.

Example: In the months of spring, the aircon may need to be switched on after 22 degrees centigrade. Once 22 degrees has been reached, then it will be switched on. Once the settings have been made, they usually are unable to be altered again, so even though guests may be uncomfortable with the air, there is nothing anyone can do about it. If the temperature drops, which usually occurs at night, the air-conditioning will stop operating and will cool down and be ready in time for when it heats up again. If the temperature outside drops below a certain temperature, then it maybe that the unit will automatically start the heating process. For instance, if the temperature drops below 15 degrees, then the hotel will be heated up instantly. Most complaints are brought to Reception. Reception will then inform technical services, if more than 3 rooms are not happy in regards to the temperature, then a slight change in the system is available. However this usually takes 40-45 minutes. This is due to the fact that all the water within the hotel structure must be cooled.

You can see that on most Travel & Tourism websites that a lot of complaints at this time of year of the fact that the air conditioning at night does not work. We hope this was a good explanation into why.

Happy Holidays in Advance

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  2. Nice post, Lara. Usually, a lot of tourist gets pissed when the AC system gets messed up. In effect, they curse or badmouth the hotel they stay at. If only they take time to research on what really happens to these systems, then they wouldn’t be so furious about the changes in temperature. Hotels make sure that their AC systems are well-maintained and they have it checked every day to give their guests a pleasurable stay.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this, Lara. Tourists lose their cool whenever the AC system isn’t regulated properly. Temperature then starts to rise, which can be very inconvenient for guests. What they don’t realize is that the AC system is programmed to do timely changes to avoid overheating and sustain its performance. Still, the management must be vigilant enough not to let their guests sleep with a bad temper, for it can ruin the hotel’s reputation.

    Darryl Lorio

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