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How Do Hotels in Turkey Acquire Their Stars?

As many people know, hotels are put into different classes depending on how many stars they have, and the kind of marketing campaigns they have. However you can see on the internet forum websites that people complain about the quality of the hotel, and believe that they do not deserve the stars the hotel has been given.

Do tourists that visit hotels, wether they are in-city hotels or summer sun resorts, realise what a hotel must have to gain these stars for the relevant hotel?

A) 1 star Hotels (they must have the following in order to gain 1 star)

1) At Least 10 rooms

2) A spoiler, air curtain turning doors or similiar

3) A greeting hall in the lobby

4) Breakfast room

5) Management room

6) If the hotel has more than 3 floors, then the hotel must have a lift to a room / Guest ratio

7) An ability to have a buffet between the hours of 0600 – 2400

8) First aid kit and a medicine cupboard

9) An outboud phoneline

10) A safe that has the ability to hold personal belongings of %25 of the hotel rooms.

B) 2 star hotels (1 star requirements plus the following)

1) A suitable Air conditioning system for the environment the hotel is in.

2) A room or a cupboard on each floor of the hotel for maids

3) A hairdryer in the room

4) Beverage availability in each room

C) 3 star hotels (requirements of a 2 star plus the following:)

1) A suitable Air conditioning unit for the environment the hotel is in in each room.

2) A seating area for a minimum of %25 of the hotels capacity of beds.

3) An additional Management room

4) Televisions in the hotel rooms

5) %50 of rooms must have a minibar with light snacks and beverages

6) A swimming pool, 2nd class restaurant / cafeteria and / or a multipurpose function room that holds at least 50 pax with a space of 1.2m2 per person.

7) Laundry and iron service

8) A computer based reservation system

9) A buffet service available 24 hours.

D) 4 star hotels (requirements of a 3 star hotel plus the following:)

1) telephone cabins in the entrance hall

2) To have at least 2 lifts that is Guest / room ratio oriented, for the amount of floors that guests can use.

3) Air conditioning units in the rooms and in all annexes

4) A blanket, minibar and safe in all the rooms

5) Room service between the hours of 06:00 – 24:00

6) Dry cleaning & tailor services

7) A maids Office on every floor

8) Market

9) An area with multi-lingual books and documents to read.

10) A constant doctor service, with an inhouse sanitarium, and guests being aware of this

11) A big enough baggage room

12) Service lift or staircase

13) A restaurant with a capacity of no less than 100 minimum %50 of the hotels bed capacity.

14) A minimum of %15 of the staff must be educated within the field that they are working in

15) Managment personel must have a minimum of 5 years experience and be educated.

16) An Office with a working telephone, fax machine, internet and computer

17) A service which offers to leave messages to the rooms or a electronic system

18) A minimum of 3 of the following facilities: An indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, an area with a minimum capacity of 100 pax that accomadates the needs of a cabaret, theatre and / or cinema,

- an area with a minimum capacity of 100pax at 1.2m2 per person that accomodates the needs of a conference centre, at least 2 seperate work rooms, secretary services and simultanious translation services.

- A different area that offers evening entertainment / discotheque / night club with a minimum capacity of 100 pax and 1.2m2 per person

- Fitness machines, aerobic and snooker room, a sauna with an alarm system, turkish bath, mini golf, tennis or volleyball court, trampoline, bowling alley, go karting track, skiing and water skiing facilities, squash court and similiar styles of activity.

- An A la carte restaurant that offers at least 5 turkish hot and cold savoury foods and a variety of sweets / desserts

- Cafeteria and snack bar

E) 5 star hotels (these hotels have a Premium settlement status, structure, system, equipment, a superior decoration and service Standard, plus all the requirements of A 4 star hotel)

1) A lift that gives Access to all floors that Guests may use, being at least 1, holding the hotels capacity.

2) A worktable, lights connected to the central system, switch and plug, full length mirror in the rooms

3) A sewing kit, shoe cleaning kit, shower gel, cotton buds for makeup removal , box of tissues, a minimum of 5 items with company logos,

4) A telephone connected to reception in the bathroom

5) A minimum of 6 rooms / %5 percent of the rooms must be non-smoking

6) 24 hour room service

7) Garage or underground carpark. These must have security personnel guarding them

8) Sattalite TV and video available, with %10 of rooms having internet connection

9) Unisex hairdresser

10) Multiple shops

11) At least %25 of personnel must be educated in the field that they are employed in

12) A la Carté Restaurants

13) In an area away from reception there must be Guest Relations / concierge available, with competent staff.

14) Telephones connected to the reception on all floors

As you can see above the maximum number of stars in a hotel is 5. those complexes that are stating they are 6 or 7 star hotels are not, this is just a marketing stunt to boost there sales and cover the losses of all the Money that went into them trying to be the best by investing into luxury. There is no hotel with a status above 5 star.

On online forum websites, you may find that guests state the following; this hotel doesnt deserve to be 5 star or even though it is 4 star its more like a 2 star. This is due to a bad time or a negative impact they had whilst they were at the hotel. For instance: an order was brought over late in a restaurant at a hotel and therefore did not deserve the star status that it has gained. This is not a fair way of looking at the situation.

It is important to know the criteria of the hotel you are staying at before you go on holiday.

Happy Holidays in advance!

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